One Of A Kind Experiences

ALTON DESIGN STUDIO is a multi-discipline creative group focused in executing one of a kind entertainment experiences whether they be for Theme Parks, Stand-Alone Attractions, Hospitality, Retail, Restaurants, or next generation VR/AR.

Industry Clients

Over 25 Years of Experience

William Alton

William Alton, founder of ALTON DESIGN STUDIO served as Vice President of Design for Paramount Pictures Parks and Resorts, having joined the entertainment company as Senior Designer for Paramount Parks in 2002.

Alton supervised the creative and design development of all other national and international aspects of recreation for Paramount Pictures, including the development of the Paramount Hotels and Resorts chain; a licensed group that is currently building several hotels in multiple international locations.

While Vice President at Paramount Parks and Resorts he had development oversight on many R&D projects, including VR and AR experiences based on Paramount Film properties (Star Trek, Paranormal Activity, Mission Impossible). Curator for VRTL Tech Conference and STAGE X VR/AR experience at Paramount Pictures. He was also Lead Creative and Experimental Technologist for Paramount’s Alphaworld Next Generation theme park, partnering with Microsoft and Salesforce. He also worked with major game companies in co-developing Next-Gen Gamified experiences.

In Alton’s prior role as Senior Designer for the Paramount Parks Group, he oversaw design for all new attractions, retail, and dining projects. In this capacity Alton was instrumental in the creation of multiple attractions based on Paramount films like Tomb Raider, Italian Job and Star Trek, just to name a few.

Prior to his work at Paramount, William Alton launches his career in entertainment in 1995 working for various film studios, as well as themed entertainment retail and hospitality architectural companies, giving him a great scope of experience in the world of themed entertainment and integrated resorts. Highlights include the design of Beatles Yellow Submarine Adventure for Sony and Apple Corp, the Madinat Jumeirah Resort in Dubai, UAE and Attractions for Universal Studios in both Hollywood and Florida parks, and Universal Islands of Adventure.

Alton has also worked as a creative consultant and concept designer for Walt Disney Imagineering in the development of attractions and resorts for Disney’s Anaheim, Paris, Tokyo, and Hong Kong destinations.